Fibreglass Tanks

Fibreglass water tanks are a reliable and safe storage option for potable water, non-potable water, waste water and more. With Kwa zulu Natal’s meagre rainfall and drought often on our minds, rainwater harvesting is one of the solutions to preserve water and ensure our water security – with the bonus of saving money on your water bills.

Fibreglass water tanks from large to small

Fibreglass tank construction

Pembee’s fibreglass tanks all feature a robust outer shell that is resistant to ultraviolet light (UV) exposure and other outdoor elements. The interior of the tank is specially designed to match the liquids being stored in the tank. As a construction material for tanks, fibreglass is far superior to other materials. These tanks can be expected to last for decades.

medium brown fibreglass water tank in transport

Very large pembee fibreglass water tank
Chemical Tanks

Pembee water tanks

  • Available in many different colours – handy for matching tank with the surroundings
  • Interior coated with relevant resin system to prevent organic buildup
  • Easy installation
  • Competitive pricing and long lifespan

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