Portable toilets

Pembee is on a roll with our convenient portable loos.
Portable toilets are essential to any large gathering of people for outdoor activities – be they leisure or work related. Pembee Fibreglass manufactures such toilets from high quality, durable fibreglass. They have been designed to meet sanitation requirements for all environments from construction sites to outdoor gatherings.

Portable toilets made of fibreglass

Portable toilet with door open

Fibreglass portable toilets

We have put the lid on the competition with our durable fibreglass toilets which can be easily transported to your location. In your quest to provide adequate sanitation for your guests or workers, you cannot improve on Pembee’s portable toilets. They are suitable for open-air festivals, fairs and camp sites; and are indispensable for any construction site. A single portable toilet can serve the needs of 10 workers.

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