Never has been easier to have your very own pond. With Pembee’s fibreglass pond liners you are assured to have a leak-free pond that will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. Fibreglass is a resilient material that makes for tough, long lasting pond liners. The material is able to flex slightly and so can survive cold winters better than other materials like plastic.

Fibreglass pond

Pond Liners

Fibreglass liners are relatively easy to install. They do not require compacted soil to support the liner’s walls like preformed plastic liners do need. It is not even necessary to dig a hole to put the liner into: If so desired, the liner can be placed directly upon the ground, and then concealed with rocks, plants and other landscaping materials.


Fibreglass lining your existing pond

Pembee also installs fibreglass linings in existing ponds, be they cast in concrete or other materials. You can trust our experts to satisfy your project needs, from starter fish ponds to larger aquatic systems.

Two medium fibreglass liners
Fibreglass Liners

Completed landscaping with ponds
Concrete pond lined with fibreglass

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